Abyssal Basin

From dark unforgiving swamps, thick with Titanicus mushrooms, to towering hardwoods criss-crossed by small rivers, the Abyssal Basin is a watery yet truly picturesque wonderland. Starting from the Obelisk, travelers will find themselves drenched in wet grasslands branching off to the different territories within the Abyssal Basin. Start exploring the heart of the Basin by wandering through a forest tunnel of thick roots straight into the Abyssal Grove. Ending at the coast the Grove is easily the most extensive section within the Basin. Bordering the Grove is Last Ripples, a veritable boneyard and final resting place for the mighty Leviathans. Fossilized from an age now forgotten, the bones of the past create natural islands and treacherous footpaths leading the way into the Bluewood. The Bluewoods natural beauty shines from its luminescent soil, and if one is not careful it can be easy to forget that this area is as deadly as it is beautiful. And where you find beauty you often find the beast. Far from being described as beautiful the Slough is an area thick with oozing mud and patches of swamp grass. Giant gas bubbles rising from the core of the planet fill the air with sulfur, while a dense fog makes you wonder if you’ve passed by that giant mushroom already.