Brightland Steppes

A lush green valley welcomes players as they step from the Obelisk into Brightland Valley at the heart of Brightland Steppes. The peace is palpable and one could lay for hours staring at the open sky and the giant roots that surround the area. In the distance two naturally forming stairways crafted together with nothing but roots and moss make up the Two Towers and sway slowly in time with the wind, while in another direction entirely lies the forest of Brightland Steppes, Exilon. With root structures that seem to mimic a living forest, a forest so thick that light struggles to be seen from within, there are actually few trees to be found in this dark maze. To the west of Exilon explorers will find a territory of floating rocks and roots that weave together as they enter Lorem Ipsum. While climbing the steep pillars explorers should be careful, a precipitous climb on one side will meet with a profound descent on the other. To the east of Exilon lies the Mausoleum, the final resting place of the Leviathans that were native to this region. With sloping plateaus and rocks it can be hard to appreciate the serene beauty of this place as you slip and slide over the surfaces looking for a safe place to land. North of the Valley, Falrose plateau opens up and the breeze sweeps in. As the air dances across the vast open space flowers flow in the wind and grasses as tall as a man ripple to an unheard melody. While it can be enticing to unwind and enjoy the environment there are secrets to be found. From Falrose one could find their way into Baron’s Throne, one of the most biodiverse areas in Brightland Steppes. The plateau to its west protects the area from harsh winds and with the added benefit of a perpetually thick wet fog it provides a breeding ground for a vast number of plants and fungi.