Crimson Waste

A vast desert territory, Crimson Waste is one of the most lethal regions on the planet. While the surface, known as Cinder, is home to an ever raging sandstorm and the air is heated to scorching temperatures, explorers can find refuge beneath the surface in one of the many tunnel networks. Upon arrival l step from the obelisk into Ulum’s Landing, at the eye of the storm, sand drips from the ceiling above into a clearing of strange plants and fungi where various tunnel entrances await. On the east side of Ulums landing is an outcrop of rock that will lead further underground into Hell’s Point. Made up of predominantly pitch-black areas there are sections where luminescent plants give off a faint glimmer of light. On the off chance explorers don’t get hopelessly lost they could find their way to the Howling Rift, a higher area north of Hell’s Point. Here one could access the surface, but with its high walls and lack of ledges this route is near impossible. Back in Ulum’s Landing if one looks hard enough they might discover a hidden entrance to Soka’s Garden. Obscured by the falling sand this entrance is easy to miss, but by following the path lit by acid streams a large open area filled with giant Prayershrooms and a multitude of flowers is unveiled. Although there are many other paths to take, one pathway remains blocked, with giant piles of rock forming what is known as Heido’s dam no one knows what lies beyond it. Will you be the one to discover the secret?