Shardbluff Labyrinth

All explorers begin at Nuls Point in the Shardbluff Labyrinth. It is here that no color other than gray seems to exist. Dark mountains akin to knives rise from the ground and a deep mist hangs in the air. Home to the largest living organism on the planet, this creature has adapted to the area to the point where no one knows if the region would stand without the creature's tentacles to hold it up. Tentifungs tentacles clutch at stones, releasing it’s grip only when the sky is lit with the Auroran lights. When the light graces the sky Tentifung retreats into the darkness. With it’s movements new pathways form and others are erased creating a living maze. The constant movements of the creature makes access to any location unpredictable at best. Whether trying to access the Panoramic to the north, the tunnels leading to Spilfelt, or the hidden path to the island of Zamia, one thing is sure - any explorer will need lady luck on their side in all things within this region.