Halcyon Sea

Halcyon Sea is a land-locked paradise with brightly colored plants and coral that shine not only in the day but in the night as well. Right in the center of Halcyon Sea sits the Obelisk in what is known as Takifugu’s Dome. The lowest point in the area, the dome is filled with numerous streams and small waterfalls creating a crystal clear pool around the Obelisk. Water pours in from the ocean from the northeast in an area known as Halcyon Falls. It is here that explorers will find Baifan Stairs, rice-field-like steppes where each pool is dominated by a different color creating stunning effects. Across the dome lies The Halcyon Sea, the region's namesake where the waters sparkle in the sun and the surface is smooth as glass. The area is partially cordoned off by large stromatolite structures that clump together to form a path to Whaleback Ridge. While the Ridge is wholly unique in its own way, there is nothing like stepping into the Sea of the Ancients. A veritable forest of overgrown coral, many of the structures reach high into the sky delighting many with their bright colors and creative shapes. Water snakes down the sides of the coral, its flow and drips and the sounds could rock anyone to sleep as surely as the sea itself. The only other location more tranquil would be the Indigo Crypt. If one were to travel east from the Obelisk they would find an entrance to the vast underground maze of the Indigo Crypt. Stepping into the Crypt is a bit like stepping into an underwater world, everything is slick and wet. The walls are covered in a transparent slime, water drips from the ceiling, and it’s hard to step anywhere without breaking the surface of a pool or small stream. The deeper one travels the darker it becomes until eventually the light slips away and one is met with only darkness.