Taiga Boreal

A run through Taiga Boreal is the ultimate journey. Filled with awe-inspiring Illuvials and sensory experiences of indescribable beauty, this is one region no one would want to miss. Explorers can experience the land's beauty first hand upon their arrival as they step from the Obelisk into the Observatory. The region's highest point, from the Observatory explorers will have a good view of the land including three lesser mountains to the east known as “The Three Brothers”. During the winter if one looks towards the brothers at sunset they will be rewarded with a rainbow holographic light show that will leave them speechless. While the Three Brothers are a magnificent view no one need wait until the dead of winter to see spectacular sights. Descend from the summit to explore the Frozen Court, an extensive expanse at the bottom of the mountain. If one were to look hard enough they’d find an access point to the tunnels under the Frozen Court at the base of The Fall. If an explorer is lucky enough not to lose their way in the twists and turns they could find their way to The Heart. A strange area where a Solon fragment hides and beats in a steady rhythm, who knows what secrets it may hide.